Amazonas Riverjet Life Premium Swim Spa

2 seats

The Amazonas Riverjet Life model is designed for swimming enthusiasts. Choose our Amazonas Riverjet Life swimming pool for your home, a product that embodies in one the perfect tool for an afternoon workout and a place to relax with your children. . At almost 2.5 m wide and 5.5 m long, it has a prestigious look and an updated design. Thanks to its semi-cabinet design, you don’t have to bother with the very costly and time-consuming installation work; all you have to do is just simply use the pool.

SKU: WU00027-1


20% more effective than using ozone without a mixing chamber. Compared to the disinfectant systems on the market, this system eliminates the most bacteria.

Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump

Water circulation pump with very low energy consumption (190W/h). Low energy consumption, long service life and quiet operation make this an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective product.

Discover Wellis Quality

10 years warranty on the shell structure

3 years warranty for the engineering parts

Product specification


3.5 cm XPS

Water filtering

4 pc SuperFine filter cartridge, Ozmix™ system (Ozone + mixer)

Water circulation

Energy-saving W-EC circulation pump (0.25 kW)

Side cover

HorizontSide™ UV-proof wood textured plastic


Ice White / Grey

Control panel


Size and Dimensions

1250 kg


550 × 235 × 147 cm

Technical specification
Power requirement

1 x 60A 230V/50Hz optimum

Heating unit

3 kW

Hydromassage pump

1 pc 3 HP double-speed (230V/50Hz), 2 pcs 3 HP single-speed (230V/50Hz)


Stainless steel

Comfort solution
Amount of water

8000 l

Reclining / Sitting places

swim area / 2 sitting places

Total number of jets


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